Johann “JJ” Jungwirth, Senior Vice President of Autonomous Vehicles at Mobileye.


Mobileye’s SVP of AVs on Driverless Tech & Business

March 15, 2023

Mobileye’s autonomous-vehicle test drivers are professional driving instructors who test our technologies in real-world traffic.


Autonomous Vehicle Test Drivers: Pioneers of the Future of Mobility

March 07, 2023

Automobiles, and autonomous vehicles especially, have evolved significantly from da Vinci's initial design to today's robotaxis.


A Brief History of Autonomous Vehicles – from Renaissance to Reality

February 27, 2023

 Responsibility-Sensitive Safety™ is an open, comprehensive, and verifiable mathematical model for autonomous vehicle safety.


The Unwritten Rules of the Road, Codified in RSS™

February 23, 2023

Professor Amnon Shashua, founder and CEO, Mobileye


Prof. Amnon Shashua: Changing How We Talk About Automated Driving

February 21, 2023

Derived from our camera-based self-driving system, Mobileye  SuperVision is our most advanced driver-assistance system yet.


Bridging to the Autonomous Future with Mobileye SuperVision™

February 16, 2023