January 11, 2022

Mobileye Tech Takes Center Stage at CES 2022

Take a look at everything we put together for this year’s big tech expo to encounter the groundbreaking technologies propelling the self-driving revolution.

AV Everywhere, in Every Way, for Everyone: Mobileye's main stage show for CES 2022.

AV Everywhere, in Every Way, for Everyone: Mobileye's main stage show for CES 2022.

The worldwide technology industry kicked off the new year, as it does each year, with CES last week. Mobileye’s presence was strictly virtual, and featured a full array of video demonstrations and insights from our senior leadership. And you can watch them all right here.

AV Everywhere, in Every Way, for Everyone

Our main stage show encapsulated the diverse ways in which Mobileye is delivering on the promise of self-driving technology everywhere, in every way, for everyone. If you have time to watch just one video to see where Mobileye is at and where we’re going (without getting too technical), this is it.

Click here to learn more about each of the four vehicles featured in the stage show.

Go Deeper with Mobileye Leadership

Our chief executive Prof. Amnon Shashua updated viewers on the latest from Mobileye – both in his annual “Under the Hood” address and at the Intel press conference the previous day. His remarks included some big news announcements, including the latest iterations of our EyeQ chip, a new autonomous delivery vehicle, a forthcoming consumer AV, and new projects with major automakers.

You can still watch both in our earlier blog post. But Shashua wasn’t the only member of our leadership who had valuable insights to share at CES 2022. We also recorded videos with our heads of product and strategy, Mobility-as-a-Service, digital mapping, and data services – each of whom detailed Mobileye’s differentiated approaches to advanced mobility technology.

Dive into the Tech

You can also check out the hardware that powers our solutions in this video...

... explore different applications for our award-winning REM™ mapping technology...

... and take a deeper dive into our “lean” driving policy with our CTO, Prof. Shai Shalev-Shwartz.

Spend a few minutes playing with this nifty little interface as well to peer into what goes into the vehicles we’re highlighting – including the yet-to-be-revealed Level 4 consumer AV we’re developing with Zeekr.

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