February 16, 2023

Bridging to the Autonomous Future with Mobileye SuperVision™

Incorporating the essential building blocks for consumer AVs, Mobileye SuperVision™ is our bridge from assisted to autonomous driving.

Derived from our camera-based self-driving system, Mobileye  SuperVision is our most advanced driver-assistance system yet.

Derived from our camera-based self-driving system, Mobileye SuperVision is our most advanced driver-assistance system yet.

Of all the iconic landmarks in all the cities around the world, the Brooklyn Bridge is one that stands out. Not only for its stoic design or its impressively long span, but for the extent to which it transformed mobility and the city around it. The bridge’s construction opened up ground transportation between Brooklyn and Manhattan for the first time and (quite literally) paved the way for their unification into boroughs of the same metropolis.

Now more than a century and a half since construction began to bridge that divide, we’re gazing across another. On one side is the driver-assistance technology we’ve been pioneering for decades; on the other, the future of fully autonomous mobility. Mobileye SuperVision™ bridges the distance between them. 

Tested in some of the most challenging cities in the world, Mobileye SuperVision is our bridge to consumer autonomous vehicles.

Eyes on the Road, Hands off the Wheel

The act of driving regular cars requires the driver to watch the road and steer the vehicle. Completely self-driving cars will relieve the human driver of both those obligations (if they’ll even require human drivers at all). With Mobileye SuperVision, you still have to watch the road, but you can take your hands off the wheel and let the system do most of the driving for you (within its specified Operational Design Domains – that is, the types of road on which it is capable of self-operating).

Mobileye SuperVision is essentially the production version of the camera-based autonomous driving system that we’ve been testing and honing for years in real-world traffic on public roadways in some of the world’s most challenging driving environments – from Jerusalem to New York and Paris to Tokyo. And it brings to bear all that we’ve learned over the course of nearly a quarter century in developing advanced driver-assistance systems, which has seen our technology integrated into more than 125 million vehicles (and counting).

Based on such extensive experience, Mobileye SuperVision delivers eyes-on but hands-off operation of standard driving functions on all regular road types at up to 80 mph (130 km/h). In other words, a vehicle equipped with Mobileye SuperVision can function largely like an autonomous vehicle – albeit while under the driver’s guidance.

Incorporating the Latest Technologies

To enable such self-driving functionality, Mobileye has developed (and continues to develop) a broad range of technologies – including sensors, maps, driving policy, and processors.

Mobileye SuperVision incorporates all of these – including 11 cameras, REM™-powered Mobileye Roadbook™ maps, RSS™-based driving policy, and two of our latest EyeQ™ Systems-on-Chip in an integrated ECU. And with over-the-air updates, it has the built-in capacity for further upgrades as development advances.

The sum of all these parts makes Mobileye SuperVision both a highly advanced driver-assistance system and the baseline for eyes-off solutions (within certain ODDs) and for completely driverless solutions (without need for a driver in the vehicle at all). With the cameras, maps, and driving policy required for eyes-off operation already proven in the context of the eyes-on/hands-off system, all that will be needed to move from eyes-on to eyes-off is to add redundancies (such as active sensors and additional processing power).

Mobileye SuperVision incorporates a full range of cutting-edge technologies, including sensors, processors, and software.

Driving Today on the Bridge to the Future

This cutting-edge solution is already on the road and is destined for further implementation. Our launch partner Zeekr (part of the Geely group) has already put over 70,000 Zeekr 001 electric vehicles on the road equipped with Mobileye SuperVision. It recently revealed the Zeekr 009, also featuring Mobileye SuperVision. And Geely has announced that three more brands under its vast umbrella will incorporate this system into additional models.

Based on orders already in place, there are due to be 150,000 vehicles on the road incorporating Mobileye SuperVision by the end of 2023; and by 2026, we expect to have nine different models from six manufacturers – amounting to an anticipated 1.2 million vehicles – featuring this highly advanced system on roads around the world.

Mobileye SuperVision allows for eyes-on/hands-off capabilities on a full range of Operational Design Domains.

Between the capabilities it delivers today and the baseline it establishes for the future, Mobileye SuperVision serves as our bridge between assisted driving on one side, and autonomous driving on the other. In ushering in its arrival, we get a glimpse at what it must have felt like to drive across the East River for the first time, and at the promise such a monumental feat of engineering holds to transform the scope of human mobility.

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