January 22, 2024

What happened in Vegas: Mobileye at CES 2024

Mobileye made its presence felt at CES again, showcasing our latest technologies and introducing Mobileye DXP—our new Driving Experience Platform.

Entering CES 2024 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Entering CES 2024 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

It was all about experiencing brand-new technologies at CES 2024, and, just as in previous years, Mobileye was a main attraction on the show floor in Las Vegas, giving visitors an opportunity to witness our vision of an autonomous future.   

New collaborations and a new platform took center stage as Mobileye presented its latest developments at the biggest in-person tech event in the world, with over 135,000 people in attendance.

From first glimpses of vehicles equipped with our cutting-edge technologies to the unveiling of our latest breakthroughs, here is a quick recap of all the action in and around Mobileye at CES 2024.


Professor Amnon Shashua at CES 2024: Now. Next. Beyond.  

On the first day of CES, Mobileye's CEO delivered his much-anticipated annual press conference. Prof. Shashua analyzed the present and future of Mobileye’s assisted and autonomous driving systems. He also elaborated on our recent announcements that Mobileye has been awarded production design wins by a major Western automaker and our growing collaboration with Mahindra and Mahindra.

In addition, Prof. Shashua introduced Mobileye DXP, a new platform that offers automakers the ability to customize the driving experience, preserving their brand and style. 

Stealing the show 

The new DXP platform was at the fore in Mobileye's booth as well, which drew thousands of attendees who were wowed by everything on display.

With an assist in the form of a presentation by our Executive VP of Strategy & Business Development, Nimrod Nehushtan, our main show took the audience on a journey, through Mobileye’s history, by way of its here and now, all the way to what is to come ahead. 

A deep dive into Mobileye DXP  

Our new Driving Experience Platform was also the subject of Mobileye CTO Prof. Shai Shalev-Shwartz's CES 2024 presentation.

Explaining where the idea behind the system came from and how it balances safety and scale, Prof. Shalev-Shwartz highlighted the platform's ability to provide automakers with AI tools to program the vehicle’s functionality, allowing them to customize the driving experience of their vehicles to their preferences. 


Mobileye’s yearly visit to CES was thrilling and inspiring. Although the big event has powered down, rest assured that plans for next year are already underway, as we continue to work toward creating a bright autonomous future. 

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