July 09, 2019

Navigating the Winding Road Toward Driverless Mobility

Why your first autonomous ride will likely be in a robotaxi, according to Mobileye CEO Prof. Amnon Shashua.

Mobileye CEO Prof. Amnon Shashua at CES

Mobileye CEO Prof. Amnon Shashua at CES

Its execution may be challenging, to say the least, but the idea is simple and straightforward: to make autonomous vehicles a reality, you need to develop the technology, then put it into mass production. Right?

Well that may have been the conventional thinking several years ago, and it’s still embraced by other members of the industry. But at Mobileye we’ve arrived at a slightly – but crucially – different conclusion: before fully autonomous vehicles can be put into mass production, we first need to perfect the robotaxi... which is, to say, autonomous vehicles available on demand.

Why robotaxis, you wonder? For three reasons, namely: cost, regulation, and scale. Each of these obstacles to mass production AVs is solvable in the robotaxi business model which is a necessary bridge to consumer AVs. To find out more, read our CEO Prof. Amnon Shashua’s opinion piece, “Navigating the Winding Road Toward Driverless Mobility,” in the Intel Newsroom.

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