January 13, 2021

Shashua on the Technological Megashifts Impacting our World

In his final session of CES 2021, Prof. Amnon Shashua sat down virtually with prizewinning journalist Thomas Friedman to discuss emerging developments in the field of artificial intelligence.

Amnon Shashua and Thomas Friedman

Amnon Shashua and Thomas Friedman

Artificial intelligence is fundamental to the development of autonomous vehicles, and is the life’s work of our CEO, Amnon Shashua. As a world-renowned expert in the field of artificial intelligence, he was recently awarded the Dan David Prize for his groundbreaking research in the field, he lectures on the subject at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and he has founded several companies (in addition to Mobileye!) developing real-world applications for AI. In his final session at CES this year, “Technological Megashifts Impacting our World,” Shashua "sat down" – remotely – with Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and author Thomas Friedman to peer into the future of artificial intelligence – how it is changing the world and affecting our daily lives.

The two minds covered a surprisingly wide range of AI-related topics. Over the course of half an hour, they tackled issues including shared values between man and machine, the imminent arrival of "General AI," the value of brute-force computational power, the next frontier of natural language processing, the dangers posed by AI, privacy issues, and more.

Among the most relevant applications to Mobileye was how we are harnessing the power of AI – not only with our computer-vision algorithms, but for our Responsibility-Sensitive Safety framework. Shashua shared that questions like: “How do you go ahead and translate ‘be careful’ into code? Into a mathematical formulism?” were what Mobileye and Intel researchers were asking themselves as they developed the concepts behind the first paper on RSS, three years ago.

You can read more about RSS here. Be sure to watch the full session in the video below.



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