Mobileye SuperVision for Hands-free ADAS

Mobileye is bringing its camera-only autonomous driving technology to the ADAS realm with Mobileye SuperVision, the next generation of hands-free ADAS technologies.

With surround camera coverage, the Mobileye Roadbook™, navigation technologies, Mobileye's driving policy and end-to-end implementation, Mobileye SuperVision is the first ADAS solution that can benefit directly from Mobileye's on-going R&D. And with over-the-air updates, it can reach the end consumer’s vehicle at the touch of a button.

​Mobileye’s legacy of safe-by-design, scalable automotive technology comes together in Mobileye SuperVision to offer one of the highest levels of conditional autonomy available today.​

Mobileye SuperVision

What's Behind the Name?

The classic definition of “supervision” is watching over someone or something to ensure everything is done properly and safely. It also speaks to the quality of possessing extraordinary capabilities for sight, which our surround camera configuration brings to the table. Equally important however, is that this is an ADAS system, so it still requires human oversight.

Available Features​

  • Hands-free highway driving, including lane change, highway to highway navigation, on/off ramps, and urban driving

  • Automated Parking - on-demand self-parking capabilities

  • Legacy ADAS features, including AEB, ACC, and LKA, etc.

  • Automatic Preventative Steering & Braking – micro-maneuvers based on our RSS, providing a smooth driving experience by pre-emptively avoiding unsafe, emergency situations on the road

  • End to end system, including full Mobileye design, hardware architecture & implementation, ECU design, functional stack, decisions layers, and end-user function

System Hardware​

  • 11 cameras (7 long range, 4 short range) offering surround camera-sensor configuration as developed and deployed in Mobileye’s test AV fleet, which is tested on real roads today​

  • 2 EyeQ5H chips, Mobileye’s custom, cost-effective SoC​

Mobileye’s ADAS to AV Product Spectrum

Mobileye product lines constantly enhance and refine one another

Legacy ADAS Features

AEB, LKA, ACC, etc.
Mobileye pioneered the single-camera ADAS category and is a leader in the field with 60 million vehicles on the road

ADAS expertise paves the way for responsible deployment

Mobileye SuperVision

Hands-free for highway and up to urban with navigation, driving policy, and OTA updates

AV development enables cutting-edge technologies

Self-Driving System

All HW & SW for full autonomy perception, driving policy, mapping
In the market via partnerships with OEMs, public transit operations, and transit network companies

“Intel INTC is zooming ahead in the autonomous driving industry with its latest developments in the field... Growing clout of Mobileye’s surround-vision technology is expected to aid Intel to democratize the use of ADAS and make autonomous driving mainstream.”

Zacks Equity Research

Intel's Mobileye Ups Game in ADAS Space With Geely Alliance

“Because we have remained heads-down in perfecting this technology and are not distracted by various go-to-market schemes, we can now deliver Mobileye SuperVision for commercial use quickly and in volume to our OEM partners.”

Amnon Shashua

Why the Geely Auto Group Win is a Game-Changer

“Egil Juliussen, an automotive industry analyst, called Mobileye’s SuperVision ‘a good move’.... it’s also good strategy ‘for Mobileye to retain its lead in the ADAS market,’ he noted.”

Junko Yoshida, EE Times

China’s Geely to deploy Mobileye’s ‘Hands-Free’ ADAS