July 05, 2022

EyeQ Kit™ Unlocks the Power of Our System-on-Chip

Our new software development kit (SDK) empowers automakers to develop and deploy their own differentiated market offerings on top of Mobileye’s efficient and scalable EyeQ® SoC.

EyeQ Kit™ opens up new possibilities for automobile manufacturers using Mobileye's hardware.

EyeQ Kit™ opens up new possibilities for automobile manufacturers using Mobileye's hardware.

Over the course of the past two decades, the world’s leading automakers have come to count on the efficiency, scalability, and performance of EyeQ®. This automotive-grade family of Systems-on-Chip serves as the brain behind everything Mobileye does. And now we’re unlocking the power of EyeQ further with the introduction of the EyeQ Kit™.

This new software development kit (SDK) is designed to enable our OEM customers to realize the full potential of EyeQ to power their own applications. Based on the highly efficient and heterogeneous compute architecture of our powerful new EyeQ6 and EyeQ Ultra processors, EyeQ Kit allows automotive manufacturers to build their own applications on top of Mobileye's cutting-edge core technologies.

Proven Technology, Greater Flexibility

From general-purpose CPU cores to high-compute-density accelerators – including deep-learning neural networks – EyeQ has the scalable and modular architecture to deliver high performance, while requiring modest TOPS (Trillions of Operations per Second), all within a low power envelope. These are the advantages that make EyeQ the System-on-Chip that’s trusted by dozens of the world’s leading automakers to power the ADAS features in hundreds of models – amounting to more than 100 million vehicles (as of the end of 2021). And now, as more advanced driver-assistance features evolve into autonomous driving, EyeQ Kit provides automakers with a platform for brand expression on top of Mobileye’s proven technology stack.

EyeQ Kit allows automakers to benefit from our EyeQ architecture and the technologies that we have built upon it – including industry-leading computer vision capabilities, REM™ crowdsourced mapping, and RSS-based driving policy. Using EyeQ Kit, OEMs can further leverage the power of our System-on-Chip for what they need so that they can concentrate on what matters most: implementing the latest technological functions to enhance the driving experience, with a look and feel unique to their products.

These functions include advanced driver-assistance features such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Traffic Jam Assist/Pilot, Highway Assist/Pilot, Full ODD In-Path Assist, and much more. Beyond driver-assistance, EyeQ Kit also enables co-hosting of a broad range of visualization and driver-monitoring applications directly on the EyeQ SoC. Integrating these increasingly sought-after functions directly onto EyeQ removes the need for additional safety-critical ECUs and collateral integration, which unlocks the potential for cost-savings and reduced complexity. EyeQ Kit also enables additional functions including automated parking, augmented and virtual reality displays, and human-machine interfaces.

EyeQ Kit uses standardized APIs, development platforms, and operating systems to enable smooth access by Mobileye's OEM customers.

EyeQ Kit Speaks Your Language

EyeQ Kit is based on standard APIs – such as OpenCL and TensorFlow – and X86 development platforms. By "speaking" these common languages, EyeQ Kit allows OEMs to develop their own applications conveniently and efficiently, without the need for specialized skills or specific hardware vendors. This, of course, carries the potential to reduce development costs, accelerate time to market, and enable hardware-vendor flexibility for the full development cycle – from functional bring-up to deployment and performance-tuning.

In short, EyeQ Kit opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the automakers whose vehicles we’re committed to enhancing with our cutting-edge technologies. Visit the EyeQ Kit and EyeQ SoC pages on the Mobileye website to learn more.

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