June 25, 2020

How Startups Can Become Successful OEM Partners

Mobileye VP Tal Babaioff offers some words of wisdom on the latest PACEpilot online panel

 PACEpilot online panel

PACEpilot online panel

Mobileye has come a long way in the past couple of decades since our founding. From a scrappy startup, we’ve grown into a major player in the automotive industry, securing partnerships with dozens of major global automakers and placing our technology in tens of millions of vehicles around the world.

As focused as we are on the future, we’re proud of the successes we’ve reached until now. So when Automotive News asked us to participate in its latest PACE pilot virtual panel discussion and impart from our experience to the benefit of others eager to follow in our footsteps, we were only too glad to take part. Representing Mobileye was Tal Babaioff, our Vice President of Mapping & Localization and Co-General Manager of REM – the crowdsourcing map project which recently won a 2020 PACE Award from the same publication.

“We see OEMs to be accepting our ability to come and innovative,” said Babaioff. “They always make sure that they have a backup plan, but in some cases they understand that moving into this technology of the future is the way forward. And once they embrace this approach, we have [seen] great progress with them together.”

“The one thing that I would recommend is having great focus,” Babaioff concluded. “Make sure that you understand what you are doing. Find a real problem in the world that actually is looking to be solved and solve it. And make sure that your system is actually working in a real-world environment and not just on the test track.”

To hear what else Tal and his peers had to say, watch the full hour-long two-part discussion in the video below. Tal takes part in the second half, alongside Deloitte’s Marcus Holzer, Grove Ventures partner Sigalit Klimovsky, and Caresoft Global CEO Mathew Vachaparampil – moderated by Steve Schmith, Executive Director of Custom Research & Data Strategy at Automotive News.



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