January 25, 2023

Driving Evolution at CES 2023: Everything You Might Have Missed

Mobileye returned to CES this year as a public company, with a lot to show – including a clear path to the future of autonomous driving.

Mobileye displayed its latest solutions and technologies for assisted and autonomous driving at CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

Mobileye displayed its latest solutions and technologies for assisted and autonomous driving at CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

The global technology industry descended on Las Vegas earlier this month for CES 2023. After participating virtually for the past two years, Mobileye returned to the big show as a newly listed company with a clear vision for the path towards the future of autonomous mobility.

This year, our focus was on Mobileye SuperVision™ and bridging the gap from assisted to autonomous driving. Here’s a rundown of everything you might have missed from Mobileye at CES 2023, from the auditorium to the show floor.


Mobileye: Now, Next, Beyond – press conference with Prof. Amnon Shashua

Our CEO’s annual address at CES stands among the most eagerly anticipated events in automotive tech, and this year more viewers signed up and tuned in than ever before. Professor Amnon Shashua presented a new driving automation taxonomy, using three axes to characterize degrees of autonomous capability: eyes on or eyes off, hands on or hands off, driver or no driver. He gave insight into our most advanced technologies and solutions, outlined our business strategy, discussed the path of validating an eyes-off system, and much more.


 On the Show Floor at CES

At CES 2023, Mobileye greeted tens of thousands of visitors at our booth with an array of informative and engaging demos. At its center was an immersive theater experience highlighting our most advanced solutions, from Cloud-Enhanced Driver-Assist™ through Mobileye SuperVision™ to Mobileye Chauffeur™ and Mobileye Drive™.


Two vehicles graced our show stand: the Zeekr 001 and our NIO ES8 robotaxi. Both were flanked by sliding “x-ray” screens to give visitors a look inside the Mobileye systems that deliver their respective advanced capabilities. We also shined the spotlight on our imaging radar and FMCW lidar, demonstrated our full product spectrum, and showcased the EyeQ™ chips that power everything we do.


Beyond the Convention Center

During the show we also announced a new partnership for radar production, revealed that we have secured an AV testing permit in Germany, detailed our business pipeline, and participated in the introduction of the HOLON mover (featuring Mobileye Drive).

Three of our senior executives also provided additional insight in the run-up to the show into the unique ways in which Mobileye is driving the evolution from assisted to autonomous mobility.


For Mobileye, CES 2023 was an exciting and action-packed show, and we’re energized to reach new heights – Now, in what comes Next, and in what lies Beyond.

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