April 28, 2020

REM™ Mapping Tech Wins Prestigious 2020 PACE Award

Our Road Experience Management™ system has been recognized among the most innovative new technologies released by automotive suppliers this year.

Mobileye REM 2020 PACE Award

Mobileye REM 2020 PACE Award

The well-known PACE award carries with it a special weight due to the fact that our innovation has been singled out for recognition by our peers in the industry, those who have been watching the evolution of the automotive industry from up close for decades. We are honored to receive a 2020 Automotive News PACE Award for one of our most valued contributions to the industry.

This year the judges named Mobileye’s Road Experience Management™ (REM) technology among the 13 most innovative new technologies developed by automotive suppliers. REM automatically draws data from the proliferation of Mobileye camera systems installed in millions of vehicles already on the road in order to create our Roadbook – a highly accurate map of public roadways to inform both Advanced Driver Assistance System technologies and future autonomous vehicles. The resulting high-definition maps are accurate down to 10 centimeters (less than four inches), which, as the citation notes, represents “a big improvement over GPS.”

The Automotive News PACE Awards are selected by an independent panel of experts made up of past and current industry executives, analysts, and academics, under the direction of J. Ferron (formerly of PricewaterhouseCoopers and J.D. Power & Associates). The evaluation process included an extensive review by the judges, a comprehensive written application, a site visit by two judges, and independent verification with car manufacturers.

The awards are traditionally handed out in Detroit prior to the annual convention of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), but the ceremony was held online this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the first time Mobileye has been honored in the award’s 26-year history. (CogniTens, also founded by our CEO Professor Amnon Shashua, won the award in 2006 for its OptiCell industrial measuring technology.)

REM won out over other automotive innovations developed by suppliers including Bosch, Hella, and WL Gore, whose technologies were shortlisted as finalists for this year’s awards. We extend our congratulations to our colleagues at American Axle, Continental, Delphi, Ejot, Gentex, Lear, Magna, Marelli, Schaeffler, Tenneco, and Valeo who also received PACE Awards this year, alongside PACE Innovation Partnership Award recipients General Motors and Shape, and Jaguar Land Rover and American Axle.

“Mobileye is very proud to win the PACE Award for our REM activity,” said Tal Babaioff, Mobileye’s Vice President of Mapping and Localization and Co-General Manager of REM, in accepting the award. “In REM, we harvest data from millions of vehicles around the world, and we create high-definition maps from this data. Our solution is based on a small footprint for the harvested data – less than 10 kilobytes per kilometer – yet our localization process provides centimeter accuracy for the vehicle itself and all the objects around it. Our crowdsourced mapping, which is fully automated, provides a cost-effective solution for a high refresh rate and always-up-to-date maps.”

Watch the highlight reel for this year’s safety-tech finalists below, and the complete virtual award ceremony at bottom (the Mobileye part starts at 33:04).



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