Mobileye Self-Driving
Mobility Services

At Mobileye, we are transforming mobility by bringing cutting-edge, safe-by-design self-driving technology and a complete, modular solution to the market . Together with Moovit, we are a partner of choice in transforming mobility services, while creating an accessible, safe, environmentally- friendly, and affordable experience for riders.

The Future of
Self-Driving Mobility

Our goal is not only to get people from Point A to Point B in an autonomous vehicle, but make mobility safer, smarter, more sustainable, and affordable-for-all. The Mobileye-Moovit offering features a superior self-driving system, best-in-class user experience and extensive mobility intelligence data – a critical asset to help organizations and societies optimize fleet utilization, on-demand deployment and minimize traffic congestion.

Mobileye Drive™

A turn-key self-driving system ready for commercial deployment at-scale for Mobility-as-a-Service, delivery vehicles, and more.

L4/L5 compute based
on EyeQ®5 SoCs

Full Sensing Suite

13 Cameras

3 Long-range lidars

6 Short-range lidars

6 Radars

Based on the Mobileye Trinity


Responsibility-Sensitive Safety (RSS)

Formal model for AV safety and decision-making

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True Redundancy™

Robust perception system comprised of two independent sub-systems (cameras and radars + lidars)

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Road Experience Management™

Proprietary, constantly refreshed, crowdsourced AV maps built to scale across the globe

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A Full Suite of Solutions Customized Self-Driving Mobility Offerings

We work with mobility operators around the world who seek to harness self-driving technology to better serve their customers and strategically position themselves in the future of mobility.

Public Transport Operators & Transportation Network Companies

Transform your transportation offerings, optimize your fleet utilization, and increase ridership by choosing a variety of MaaS services with everything from a self-driving system, vehicle-as-a-service and on-demand rides-as-a-service solutions to a consumer facing app for a full, end-to-end mobility solution.

Automobile Manufacturers

Integrate Mobileye’s safe-by-design self-driving system into your EVs to become an essential part of the future MaaS ecosystem and consumer AVs.

Delivery Fleets

Implement Mobileye’s self-driving system and modular solutions stack to power fully autonomous logistics vehicles and enable driverless (middle- and last-mile) delivery of goods to businesses and consumers.

Mobileye Powered Self-Driving Initiatives Around the World

Tel Aviv, Israel

“Mobileye and Moovit have joined forces for the purpose of launching our first self-driving Mobility-as-a-Service solution in Tel Aviv. We look forward to offering Tel Aviv residents and visitors safer, cleaner and more convenient transportation with self-driving electric vehicles.”

Johann (JJ) Jungwirth

Vice President of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) at Mobileye


“Collaboration with Mobileye is highly valuable for WILLER and a big step moving forward to realize our vision of innovating transportation services: travel anytime and anywhere by anybody.”

Shigetaka Murase

founder and CEO of WILLER

Al-Habtoor, UAE

“The technology which is made accessible to the UAE…between Al Habtoor Group and Mobileye will improve the quality of life for all UAE residents.”

Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor

Founding Chairman of Al Habtoor Group

RATP, France

“Autonomous vehicles are a priority area of innovation for the RATP Group. Collaborating with Mobileye will allow us to test and develop new mobility services, in order to offer our riders a door-to-door, connected and sustainable ride experience.”

Marie-Claude Dupuis

RATP Group Strategy, Innovation and Development Director

California, USA

“Mobileye is the only company providing a full-stack self-driving system with commercial viability and scale today. The readiness of Mobileye Drive™, along with its vast map coverage of North America, Europe and Asia, will allow us to ramp up the production and deployment of Udelv Transporters and rapidly offer the service at scale to our expanding list of customers.””

Daniel Laury

Co-Founder and CEO of Udelv, USA