October 19, 2020

Mobileye Tech Makes the Grade by Euro NCAP’s New Standard

Eight of the ten vehicles selected for evaluation feature Mobileye technology, including two of the three top performers.

An illustration of Highway Assist ADAS functions like those supported by Mobileye

An illustration of Highway Assist ADAS functions like those supported by Mobileye

Automotive safety is increasingly broadening in focus from equipping a vehicle to withstand the forces of impact in a collision to helping avoid collisions altogether and making the driving experience altogether as safe as possible. That in turn demands an equally fundamental change in the way automotive safety is evaluated, which fortunately has been gradually taking place over the past several years. This latest development marks a significant step forward on that front, and we applaud both the initiative and the initial findings, which were dominated by vehicles equipped with Mobileye technology.

This month, the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) rolled out its new assisted-driving grading framework. Following preliminary testing conducted in 2018, Euro NCAP’s new grading system aims to evaluate the Highway Assist (or Traffic Jam Assist) features offered on a wide and growing range of new cars. These systems combine Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering functions to keep a vehicle so-equipped cruising at a steady speed while maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front of it and remaining well within the boundaries of its lane.

Euro NCAP chose ten vehicles, equipped with some of the most advanced highway-assist systems on the market, to evaluate in this round of testing. As one of the leading suppliers of ADAS technology in the industry, we’re proud to report that eight of those ten incorporate Mobileye tech – including the Audi Q8 and BMW 3 Series, representing two of the three vehicles that received Very Good ratings (the highest of four grades assigned under the new framework).

“Assisted driving technologies offer enormous benefits by reducing fatigue and encouraging safe driving,” Euro NCAP Secretary General Dr. Michiel van Ratingen said in announcing the new framework. “The best systems offer a balance between the amount of assistance they provide and the level of driver engagement – and should be supported by an effective safety backup.”

“The results of this round of tests demonstrate that driving assistance is fast becoming better and more readily available, but until driver monitoring is significantly improved, the driver needs to remain responsible at all times,” noted van Ratingen.

We enthusiastically share the emphasis that Euro NCAP has placed on the human driver’s centrality in the codification of its new assisted-driving standard. It is, to a large degree, with these same considerations in mind that we are rolling out Mobileye SuperVision™. Our most advanced driver-assistance system yet, Mobileye SuperVision leverages technology derived directly from our autonomous-vehicle development program to deliver an array of hands-free driving capabilities, while still crucially leaving the driver in overall control of the vehicle.



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