September 04, 2023

Mobileye SuperVision™ Pilot functions added to 110,000 ZEEKR vehicles

OTA update brings innovative, point-to-point automated driving features to customers in China, and has already generated strong word-of-mouth reviews

ZEEKR 001 in Shanghai

ZEEKR 001 in Shanghai

Jerusalem, 4 September 2023 — Global mobility technology brand ZEEKR has launched a major over-the-air update for 110,000 owners of the ZEEKR 001 electric vehicle with the global debut of new, highly automated driving assistance features built on the Mobileye SuperVision™ platform. The upgraded Navigation ZEEKR Pilot (NZP) driving assistant system has already received strong reviews from over 1,000 beta users, with class-leading performance.

NZP leverages SuperVision’s 11 cameras – including seven 8-megapixel cameras – and surround fisheye cameras, along with a front radar and robust driving policy. Key features of NZP include point-to-point automated highway navigation, lane changes, automated on/off-ramp assist and intelligent traffic safety functions in identified operational design domains.

The system runs on two Mobileye EyeQ™5 systems-on-chip, an advanced custom 7-nanometer ADAS chipset, building on Mobileye’s two decades of experience in applied AI and machine learning to handle AI tasks with high energy efficiency, a key factor for electric vehicles.

Thanks to these enabling technologies, NZP can react similarly as a human driver might to everyday driving scenarios within its operational design domains. It can sense speed limit changes, merge into or overtake traffic, and navigate with an appropriate safety margin for construction zones, pedestrians and other road hazards, even in low-light conditions. It also reacts smartly to the other drivers on the road, understanding their behavior, using human-like motions to efficiently merge and mimicking how drivers tend to negotiate key road features. The functions are well recognized by leading industry media for its safety and efficiency performance.

The system will first be available in the cities of Shanghai and Hangzhou, with multiple cities being added over the next few months. ZEEKR 009 multi-purpose vehicle owners are expected to receive a similar OTA update later this year.

“We’re proud of the work we’ve done with ZEEKR to launch this successful update of NZP built on the Mobileye SuperVision™ platform,” said Prof. Amnon Shashua, President and CEO of Mobileye. “This jump forward points toward the full power of SuperVision that will enable ZEEKR to provide a seamless and reliable highly assisted driving experience in highway and urban settings. From what we’ve seen, NZP powered by SuperVision has become a market leader, raising the bar not only in China but worldwide.”

“As a strategic partner of Mobileye, ZEEKR is pleased to provide the industry-leading NZP solution to users to make travel safer and more efficient,” said Andy An, CEO of ZEEKR. “We will continue to further advance technologies to maintain our industry leadership globally.”

The SuperVision platform enables advanced driver-assist features at up to 130 kilometers per hour, on all road types, as monitored by the driver. It builds on Mobileye’s heritage for automotive safety features and driver assist technologies like automatic emergency braking, and lays the pathway towards fully autonomous consumer vehicles and robotaxis in the near future.

Under the expanded collaboration with Geely Group, three additional brands under Geely Group’s umbrella are due to leverage Mobileye SuperVision for advanced ADAS, including Polestar. ZEEKR’s new ZEEKR 001 FR quad-motor sports car, which can accelerate from 0 to 100 kph with just 2.08 seconds with rolling start, is the latest model launched to be equipped with Mobileye SuperVision™ platform.

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