Last Revised: August, 2021

Privacy Notice regarding Mobileye's Telematics Services

Identity, Contact Details and Representative of Data Processor

The Processor is Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd. of Hartom 13, Jerusalem, 9777513, Israel, email: The Processor's representative within the EEA is its affiliate Mobileye Germany GmbH of Lütticher Str. 132, 40547 Düsseldorf, Germany.

  1. What are telematics services?

    Telematics services (sometimes known as ‘fleet management services’ or ‘FMS’) involve remote collection of data from vehicles into a central place for fleet managers’ access, allowing them to more efficiently manage their fleet.

    Mobileye offers its fleet customers such services on a subscription basis subject to Mobileye's terms of provision of Telematics services. Mobileye collects data from fleet vehicles and makes it available to fleet managers whether online through the Mobileye Connect Platform or, through an API, by feeding it directly to a fleet’s existing platform. Such data may include vehicle speed, alerts issued by the Mobileye device, settings, emissions, fuel consumption, engine performance, gearing, RPM, altitude, geolocation; safety and environmental information; and vehicle performance, diagnostics data and error codes.

  2. What personal information does Mobileye collect under Telematics services?

    Some vehicle-related telematics information becomes personal information when a particular driver is associated with a particular vehicle at a particular time. In respect of this personal information, Mobileye acts as a processor on behalf of the fleet operator which is the controller of such personal information.

    Typically, drivers will use our app to identify themselves with a particular vehicle at the start and end of each journey*. (Alternatively, the fleet manager may associate a particular driver with a particular journey, after the journey has already ended, on the Mobileye Connect Platform.)

    At any time, the fleet operator may require Mobileye to delete the personal information so that the telematics information becomes anonymous again (i.e. no longer associated with a particular driver). The fleet operator is legally responsible to inform you about the scope, methods and purpose of our processing of your personal information, per its own privacy policies and procedures.

    Mobileye may offer a service whereby, at a fleet operator’s request, it allocates to drivers a ‘driving score’ based on telematics data reflecting driving behavior.

    *The fleet manager (as controller) will have given Mobileye (as processor) its drivers’ names, work email addresses, cellphone numbers and other non-sensitive identifying information so that Mobileye can set up ‘user accounts’ for those drivers. Drivers use these user accounts with the app for identification and authentication purposes at the start and end of each journey.
  3. Does Mobileye share any personal information with third parties?

    Mobileye does not sell, rent or lease personal information.

    Mobileye does not disclose personal information to third parties except where permitted or requested by our applicable customer, or where required by law. Mobileye may disclose your personal information to our contracted service providers for the purpose of providing the services, including without limitation, for IT and system administration, hosting and customer support.

  4. International Data Transfers

    Mobileye is a global company with its headquarters in Israel. As such, we may transfer your personal information between Israel and our affiliates and subsidiaries in other countries. We may also transfer your personal information to our third party service providers, who may be located in a different country to you.

    We transfer information in order to operate efficiently, to improve performance, and to create redundancies in order to protect information in the event of an outage or other problem. We will process your personal information in a way that meets the commitments of this Notice and complies with the law wherever we transfer it.

    Whenever Mobileye transfers personal information beyond the country of origin, we will do so in accordance with applicable laws. For personal information originating in the European Economic Area (EEA) that is transferred to a Mobileye entity outside the EEA that does not have an “adequate level of protection” as determined by the European Commission, we rely on other lawful measures, such as contracts that include the EU standard contractual clauses. You can review the EU Standard Contractual Clauses on the European Commission’s website here

  5. How does Mobileye store personal information?

    Mobileye takes reasonable and appropriate measures to protect personal information from loss, misuse and unauthorized access. Storage periods depend on the data processing terms with Mobileye’s customers and their choices, type of personal information, purposes of its collection and processing, and applicable law.

  6. How to Contact us?

    If you have questions or concerns about Mobileye’s privacy practices, or to exercise any of your rights and choices as described in this Notice, you can contact us using any of the following methods. Please include your contact details and a detailed description of your request or privacy concern:

    • By email to the Data Protection officer at;
    • By mail to the address below:
      Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd
      Attn: Privacy/Legal Department
      13 Hartom St. Har Hotzvim,
      Jerusalem, Israel 9777513
    • In the European Economic Area, by contacting our European Data Protection Officer at the address below:
      European Data Protection Officer
      Mobileye Germany GmbH
      Lütticher Str. 132
      40547 Düsseldorf, Germany.