August 28, 2023

ECARX announces Mobileye collaboration for Polestar, future products

ECARX Holdings plans to integrate Mobileye Chauffeur™ in the Polestar 4

The Polestar 4

The Polestar 4

Today, ECARX Holdings announced a collaboration with Mobileye for future autonomous and advanced driver-assist technology. ECARX plans to serve as the integrator for the Mobileye Chauffeur™ platform in the Polestar 4 that will offer hands-off, eyes-off autonomous driving on controlled-access highways in operational-defined domains. ECARX and Mobileye also intend to collaborate on a EyeQ6L-based driver-assist solution, using the latest EyeQ™6 automotive-grade system-on-chip, to serve the diverse needs of the Chinese market.

Mobileye’s Chauffeur adds a layer of active radar and lidar sensor to Mobileye’s class-leading computer vision perception to create two subsystems working separately and in parallel to ensure redundancy. It also includes Mobileye’s proprietary driving policy platform that can be customized by the automaker. All these elements are designed to run on the ultra-efficient EyeQ6® SoC.

Read more about the announcement here.

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