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Sensing the Future.

In Numbers


Global automakers rely on Mobileye technology to make their vehicles safer


Vehicles worldwide are equipped with Mobileye technology


Automakers are working with Mobileye to enable autonomous driving

Autonomous in Action

Pillars of Autonomous Driving

Only the Combination of the Three Will Make Autonomous Driving a Reality

Mobileye produces software that conducts sensor fusion - interpreting data from camera sensors as well as radar and LiDAR sensors. We use an innovative and proprietary set of algorithms to detect objects and the safe path forward. This Environmental Model is the primary source of information to support the system's decision-making.


Autonomous vehicles will require many system redundancies to deal with unforeseen circumstances. A high-definition map is required for precise localization of the vehicle, relative to road boundaries and intersections, under all conditions. Mobileye's Road Experience Management (REM™), which uses crowd-sourcing, is a unique, low-cost solution for building and rapidly updating this HD map.

Driving Policy
Driving Policy

Once an autonomous vehicle can sense the scene around it and localize itself on a map, the final piece allowing it to share the road with human drivers is Driving Policy. Sensing, Mapping, and powerful computing platforms give the vehicle super-human sight and reaction times. Mobileye's Reinforcement Learning for Driving Policy will provide the human-like intuition and behavior required to analyze multivariable situations and negotiate with human drivers.


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