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Real-time Collision Avoidance

It’s time to stop reacting to collisions and instead take action to prevent them.

How It Works

Real-Time Collision Avoidance

Ahead of the Curve

The all­-in­-one Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance System provides drivers critical time to take corrective action and possibly avoid or mitigate a collision. Our vision for safety is quickly becoming the recommended standard.

FMCSA logoThe FMCSA advocates the voluntary adoption of collision avoidance systems to improve fleet safety.

NTSB logoThe NTSB advocates including collision avoidance technology as standard equipment on all new highway vehicles, including commercial vehicles.

NHTSA logoNHTSA recommends that collision avoidance technology be standard on all new passenger and commercial vehicles.

IIHS logoStudies by the IIHS have found that collision avoidance systems reduce the number of rear-end collisions.

The Mobileye system is easy to implement and requires little driver training.

Find out how your fleet can see the Mobileye advantage almost immediately.


“We would love to see even more widespread use of this technology… The savings are untold, but we can be certain that the systems have paid for themselves at least once over in the short time that we have been involved.”
–Matthew Habeger B.H.
Gold Insurance Agency, Inc.

“Mobileye was able to supply us with essential driving assistance features in a single package that will protect our vehicles, the traveling public, and the valuable cargo we carry every day.”
–Thom Pronk
C. R. England’s VP Training & Safety