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About the Program

Mobileye’s Insurance Referral Program is an easy and seamless way for insurance companies to collaborate with Mobileye to provide their commercial auto insureds with AI-based collision avoidance warning technology at a preferred price. The Mobileye Insurance Referral Program provides you with the right tools to promote an innovative value-add offering to your insureds.

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Innovate Risk Services

Reduce the frequency and severity of claims while lowering your insureds’ risk

Client Acquisition and Retention

Attract new customers, retain existing ones, and remain competitive in engaging with your customers by offering state–of-the-art collision

Brand Visibility

Gain well-earned PR and position yourself as a market leader through joint marketing efforts with Mobileye, an Intel Company

Improved Safety

Mobileye collision avoidance system helps prevent or mitigate collisions and improve driver performance via real-time alerts, therefore improving the risk profile of your insureds

Curb Collision Costs

By eliminating collisions or reducing their severity, companies spend less on out-of-pocket repair expenses and medical bills, improve their operations and hours of service, and reduce their administrative burden

Preferred Conditions

As a member of Mobileye Insurance Referral Program, your insureds will enjoy a preferred price on Mobileye’s collision avoidance products.

Results from the Field

Beyond anything I expected to get from Mobileye- I thought it would help improve us, but the results have been dramatic. Mobileye is truly a lifesaving device. We believe every vehicle on the road should be equipped with it.

Neal Kalish

Neal Kalish

President and Owner of Ambu-Trans Ambulette

From drivers initially being hesitant to drive with Mobileye in their trucks we now have drivers insisting on having it installed as they see the benefits and appreciate having it as an added safety tool in their trucks.

Jimmy Pardo

Jimmy Pardo

Vice-President and Founder, P&B Transport

The technology will save lives and should be in every commercial vehicle. I am going to push this on the 500+ other commercial vehicles we service in Phoenix and Tucson. Insurance companies should require Mobileye in all commercial vehicles. I've had insurance companies help subsidize cameras... I think they should be subsidizing Mobileyes.

Brandon Gauer

Brandon Gauer

All-Fleet Services, Owner

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