Local Authorities

Improve Safety on City Streets

Protect drivers and citizens while receiving actionable data

Get Closer to a Vision Zero Reality

The combination of large vehicles and crowded urban areas is a dangerous one. Pedestrians and cyclists are the most vulnerable in these situations. By adopting the Mobileye solutions in local authority fleet vehicles, cities can get closer to the Vision Zero reality.

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Harness Data for Infrastructure Improvements

Mobileye allows city planners to access an online map displaying the hot spots on transit routes based on the alert data letting them take preventative actions before a collision can occur.

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Make Your City Autonomous Ready

A highly accurate map, with an ultra-high refresh rate, is a critical pillar of autonomous driving. Mobileye 8 Connect™ will collect that critical map data to enable AVs to eventually travel in those areas.

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During our research phase, an officer died in a single vehicle accident crossing a lane marker. It was determined that if his vehicle had been equipped with Mobileye, he may have been able to avoid the accident with a Lane Departure Warning. His death solidified the importance of collision avoidance detectors and changed our conversation from a budget discussion to a human discussion.

Francis Hart,
Fleet Manager Polk County Sheriff's Office