Law Enforcement

Collision Avoidance for Law Enforcement

Tailored to officers’ driving challenges, safety technology law enforcement can rely on

Lifesaving Patrol and Pursuit modes

To meet the demands placed on officers in critical pursuit situations, the system automatically mutes all non-critical alerts when in Pursuit Mode.

Address a Serious Risk

The Officer Down Memorial Fund lists automobile accidents as the second leading cause of officer deaths for the past three years*. Mobileye can help reduce this statistic and increase officer safety, via technology that adapts to their work environment.

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Protection for Almost Any Vehicle

Patrol and response vehicles
Trucks & SUVs
Detention Vans
Unmarked cars and traffic vehicles

In law enforcement, our mission has built-in distractions every day. Finally, we have something that will get their heads out of the car to pay attention. This is something that gives you a fighting chance to prevent an oh-shoot moment.

Francis Hart,
Fleet Manager Polk County Sheriff's Office