Local Authorities

Improve Safety on City Streets

Protect drivers and citizens while receiving actionable data

Get Closer to a Towards Zero Reality

The combination of large vehicles and crowded urban areas is a dangerous one. Pedestrians and cyclists are the most vulnerable in these situations. By adopting the Mobileye solutions in local authority fleet vehicles, cities can get closer to a Towads Zero reality.

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Harness Data for Infrastructure Improvements

Mobileye allows local authority fleet managers to access an online map displaying the hot spots on transit routes based on the alert data.

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Make Your City Safer and Smarter

Mobileye 8 Connect provides city leaders with the crowdsourced data they need to identify and improve infrastructure planning with minimal investment.

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"... with 90% of all Australian crashes caused by minor mistakes such as distraction, fatigue or being slightly above the speed limit, the installation of Mobileye across the fleet of CDC Victoria and CDC NSW aims to minimise at-fault incidents, prevent collisions and injuries, and potentially save lives."

ComfortDelGro Corporation Australia (CDC)