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MINI SERIES - COVID-19: One Month In Fleet Response, Tips, & Insights (POLL)

11.05.2020 Fleet Management,Fleet Safety

The impact of COVID-19 has certainly been felt throughout fleets across the industry. However, it’s difficult to know just how much of an impact it’s had, and what facets of day-to-day operations have been affected the most. That’s exactly why we decided to ask fleet professionals to share their experiences. In this webinar, Brad Kirchner of Mobileye, leads an interactive poll, asking fleet participants to provide insight into how they’re responding and adapting.

Covered in this webinar:

·     Fleet professionals poll responses on the challenges of COVID-19

·     Solutions fleets are employing to mitigate the effects

·     Tips and best practices for fleet safety during this time 

·     A video resource to be shared with your own fleet

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