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The 5 Biggest Headaches Fleet Managers Face: A guide to relief from your biggest fleet management headaches


Juggling schedules, managing drivers, maintaining vehicles, pleasing customers… the to-do’s for a fleet manager seem endless. With over a decade of experience in the field, working with fleets, Mobileye understands these challenges – which of them are mere annoyances and which are truly monstrous headaches.

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Going Visual: Why Recording a Collision is Not the Solution

16.12.2019Collision Avoidance, Fleet Safety

Collisions are one of the greatest challenges facing fleet managers – they can wreck your schedule, your budget and endanger your drivers. Increasingly managers are turning to technology for solutions, but what is the best, most cost-effective solution?

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Improving the Bottom Line with Collision Avoidance Systems

01.11.2018Collision Avoidance, Fleet Management

Fleet managers need to see collision avoidance systems not just as an upfront cost but as providing a significant return on investment (ROI) for their fleet.

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