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Going Visual: Why Recording a Collision is Not the Solution

13.09.2019Collision Avoidance

Collisions are one of the greatest challenges facing fleet managers – they can wreck your schedule, your budget and endanger your drivers. Increasingly managers are turning to technology for solutions, but what is the best, most cost-effective solution?

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P&B Drives Down Rear-end Collision Rates with Mobileye

20.06.2019Collision Avoidance, Fleet Safety

In a successful pilot program, P&B trucks equipped with Mobileye collision avoidance systems saw, among other benefits, an 80% drop in rear-end collisions.

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law enforcement, LEO, police, collision avoidance

Polk County Sheriff’s Office

16.06.2019Collision Avoidance

When the Polk County Sheriff’s Office decided to act against collisions, they turned to Mobileye. We provided them with a system designed to fit their unique needs. Download the case study for all the details.

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IIHS, study, drive safe, safe driving, driver behavior

IIHS Study Shows Mobileye Aftermarket Collision Avoidance Systems Improve Driver Behavior

07.03.2019Collision Avoidance

This study shows that aftermarket collision avoidance systems can significantly improve driver behavior, demonstrating the value of retrofitting fleets.

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Ambu-Trans Dramatically Reduces Collision Rates and Costs with Mobileye

22.01.2019Collision Avoidance, Fleet Safety

Learn how Ambu-Trans Ambulette was able to dramatically reduce fleet collisions by installing Mobileye collision avoidance systems.

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Washington State Study Shows Benefits of Mobileye Shield+™ Collision Avoidance and Blind Spot Detection System

02.01.2019Collision Avoidance

A research program shows how transportation companies can improve safety and cut costs with specially designed collision and pedestrian avoidance systems.

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