Insurance Companies

Protect Your Customer's Fleets

Safer fleets means lower claims

Significantly Reduce High Loss Claims

By requiring high-risk fleets to install Mobileye collision avoidance systems, the most costly claims to insurers can be drastically reduced.

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Reduce Customer Churn

High-loss customers typically come and go, but incorporating collision avoidance tech into their programs can help maintain profitability from those customers over longer periods.

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Develop New Data-Driven Models

Insurance models could be redefined based on the new driver and vehicle data insights provided.

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The technology will save lives and should be in every commercial vehicle. I am going to push this on the 500+ other commercial vehicles we service in Phoenix and Tucson. Insurance companies should require Mobileye in all commercial vehicles. I've had insurance companies help subsidize cameras...I think they should be subsidizing Mobileyes.

Brandon Gauer,
All-Fleet Services, Owner