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Driving Blind – Blind Spot Protection and Collision Avoidance

06.04.2020Fleet Management

Blind spot monitoring helps bus and truck drivers overcome the challenges posed by the large blind spots found on all sides of these heavy vehicles.

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Down is Dirty - Collision Avoidance and Downtime Reduction

04.23.2020Fleet Management

Downtime is one of a fleet’s greatest challenges – costing customers and money. Maintenance and collisions avoidance tech can help keep vehicles on the road. 

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Managing Fleet Safety in the Times of COVID-19

04.14.2020Fleet Management

Getting fleets through the coronavirus crisis will take hard work and ingenuity. Here are some tips we hope will help fleet managers weather the storm.

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Thank You, COVID19, Fleet Driver

Fleet Drivers to the Rescue

04.02.2020Fleet Management

During the Covid-19 crisis, while many are staying at or working from home, truckers are under increased pressure to deliver supplies to wherever needed.

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Eighty, Twenty and You – How Telematics Can Improve Fleet Safety

12.19.2019Fleet Management

Mobileye 8 Connect collision avoidance platform combines safety and telematics to give fleet managers a powerful tool for reducing collisions and related costs.

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AI, Collision avoidance, telematics

AI – Bringing Telematics and Collision Avoidance Together

12.12.2019Fleet Management

By adopting advanced collision avoidance systems, fleet managers can take full advantage of recent advances in both telematics and artificial intelligence.

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Taking Action - Saving Lives

02.22.2019Fleet Management

How collision avoidance systems offer fleet managers the hi-tech tools necessary for improving their fleets safety record with Mobileye's lifesaving features.

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The Keys to Fleet Management: Essential Metrics to Track

12.12.2018Fleet Management

How fleet managers can use telematics and collision avoidance systems to gather and analyze key metrics about their drivers to help improve fleet safety.

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Dash Cams and Collision Avoidance Systems – Is Video Recording Enough?

12.06.2018Fleet Management

For fleet managers comparing the pros and cons of dash cams versus collision avoidance systems, it seems the latter can offer significantly more benefits.

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The True Cost of Collisions – The True Benefits of Collision Avoidance [INFOGRAPHIC]

11.29.2018Fleet Management

To accurately assess the benefits of a collision avoidance system you must understand the collision’s hidden cost. This infographic lays it all out for you.

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Win, Win - Fleet Management the Easy Way

11.15.2018Fleet Management

Improve your fleet management skills with these tips on introducing new technology. Explore ways to make your fleet more efficient and your drivers happy.

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Improving Driver Behavior: Collision Avoidance from Warning to Anticipation

10.17.2018Fleet Management

Guide to improving your fleet management by incorporating driver training, collision avoidance and telematics systems and how each reinforces the other.

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Distracted to Death: 5 Tips to Reduce Distracted Driving

09.13.2018Fleet Management

Cut down on distracted driving with 5 easy to follow tips including a lock for your phone, useful apps and installing a forward collision warning system.

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retrofit, retrofit technology, safety, collision avoidance

Why Fleet Managers are Choosing Retrofit Collision Avoidance Systems

09.06.2018Fleet Management

Why retrofitting collision avoidance systems is an overlooked, but smart, fleet management solution, providing safety and uptime with minimal investment

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Safety Is a Smart Investment for Your Fleet. Estimate Your Potential Savings with This ROI Calculator!

08.13.2018Fleet Management

Try our Fleet Safety ROI calculator to estimate your potential return-on-investment (ROI) and financial savings when you invest in Mobileye collision avoidance technology for your fleet.

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6 Reasons Why Your Fleet Needs an Advanced Driver Assistance System

04.05.2017Fleet Management

Discover how your fleet can benefit from an Advanced Driver Assistance System.

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