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Real-time Alerts Make the Difference

09.10.2017 Collision Avoidance,Distracted Driving,Fleet Safety

Certified Freight Logistics (CFL) is a California-based refrigerated carrier that specializes in the transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables. What started out as a local company servicing the transportation needs of local farmers, has grown to a fleet of 150 tractors and 300 refrigerated trailers servicing metropolitan areas in the western region of the US.

CFL’s commitment to providing superior service to its customers is matched by its commitment to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all of its employees, with particular emphasis on the safety of its fleet drivers. To this end, CFL takes a proactive approach to road safety and accident prevention by providing regular online fleetwide safety training, and by requiring drivers to participate in its safe-driving curriculum, which covers such topics as defensive driving, driving in various weather conditions, and accident reporting. In addition, on-the-road training is available for seasoned professionals as well as for newly-hired drivers.

So with all this focus on safety, one can imagine CFL management’s concern when its fleet continued to experience collisions – collisions that improved driver behavior might have prevented. A number of ways to reduce this phenomenon were considered. Eventually, CFL’s inquiries led it to Mobileye.

The Mobileye® Advanced Driver Assistance System performs advanced real-time driver scene analysis to identify other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, lane markings and speed limit signs. Using this information, the System determines if there is a potential danger and then warns the driver with visual and audio alerts, allowing the driver time to react and potentially avoid, or at least mitigate the severity of, a collision. Powered by a one-of-a-kind artificial vision sensor, the Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance System is never distracted and never fatigued.

“What separated Mobileye from other solutions was the alerts. If a driver could be warned, for instance, that he was too close to the vehicle in front, he might possibly avoid a rear-end collision”, says Scott Cramer, President of CFL.

Studies by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) seem to support Mr. Cramer. Consider these statistics:

  • 93% of accidents were found to be due to human error
  • In 40% of rear-end collisions, there was no brake application whatsoever
  • 60% of road accident fatalities were due to unintentional lane departure

Following CFL management’s decision to install Mobileye systems in its fleet, CFL has seen a reduction in collisions. In addition to this improvement in safety, CFL also believes that Mobileye makes sense financially; it was able to outfit its entire fleet with Mobileye for less than the cost of one tractor. As it adds new vehicles to its fleet, CFL will be sure to install the Mobileye system in them.

CFL management isn’t alone in seeing the benefits; even drivers have said that they credit the Mobileye alerts with making them more aware of their driving, leading them to be safer on the road.

In addition, Mobileye can be seamlessly integrated into most telematics systems providing fleet managers with enhanced visibility into their fleet, and greater insight into driver behavior. “By adding Mobileye to our existing telematics system we believe we have found the perfect accident prevention solution”, says Mr. Cramer.

The CFL fleet includes Volvo and Kenworth trucks; however, Mobileye can be retrofitted into almost any type of vehicle, leading to all of the above benefits without necessitating the replacement of vehicles.

"I would recommend Mobileye to any fleet wanting the perfect aftermarket technology to increase their drivers’ safety on the road, and significantly reduce their incident frequency. It has proven to be a seamless technology with great results in our fleet," Scott Cramer, President of CFL. 

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