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Protecting Tired Drivers During the Covid Pandemic

19.05.2020Fleet Management

Extra demands are pushing fleet drivers to work longer hours, increasing the possibility of falling victim to drowsy driving. Technological advances may help protect drivers from these dangers.

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Down is Dirty - Collision Avoidance and Downtime Reduction

10.05.2020Fleet Management

Downtime is one of a fleet’s greatest challenges – costing customers and money. Maintenance and collisions avoidance tech can help keep vehicles on the road.

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Managing Fleet Safety in the Times of COVID-19

14.04.2020Fleet Management

Getting fleets through the coronavirus crisis will take hard work and ingenuity. Here are some tips we hope will help fleet managers weather the storm.

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Drivers to the Rescue – Where We Stand Today

01.04.2020Fleet Management

During the Covid-19 crisis, while many are staying at or working from home, truckers are under increased pressure to deliver supplies to wherever needed.

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Eighty, Twenty and You – How Telematics Can Improve Fleet Safety

22.12.2019Fleet Management

Mobileye 8 Connect collision avoidance platform combines safety and telematics to give fleet managers a powerful tool for reducing collisions and related costs.

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Improving Driver Behaviour: Collision Avoidance from Warning to Anticipation

11.04.2019Fleet Management

Effective fleet management means dealing with a wide variety of challenges. Among the most important of these are driver safety and keeping your fleet up and running -running goals that both require lowering collision rates in your fleet.

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Telematics and Collision Avoidance Systems – Better Together

27.11.2018Fleet Management

Telematics are an essential part of running an efficient fleet. For Fleet and Safety Managers, however, are they enough? And if not, how are they best supplemented?

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Why Fleet Managers are Choosing Retrofit Collision Avoidance Systems

31.10.2018Fleet Management

Fleet Managers are torn in different directions – you’ve got to keep your drivers safe and your fleet running at peak efficiency, while at the same time balancing a tight budget. One example of this balancing act is the implementation of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) or collision avoidance systems in fleet vehicles.

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What Does Safety Technology Have to do With Cost Efficiencies?

08.12.2016Fleet Management

In short, a great deal. In addition to the clear benefit of keeping drivers, cargo and other road users safe, safety technology can actually save your business money. The initial investment in the technology can be recouped quicker than you might think, because the system can save you money in a number of ways.

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New Whitepaper: 50 Driver Safety Tips and Tricks When Onboarding New Drivers

20.11.2016Fleet Management

Every single accident in a fleet is costly. In case of a collision, there are costs for repairing the damage, as well as numerous additional costs such as increased insurance premiums, sick pay, and lost productivity, just to name a few. A study done by an independent German traffic safety association found that the average cost of accidents after insurance is estimated to be  £1,416 for passenger cars and £2,488 for trucks.

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The ROI of Fleet Safety

02.11.2016Fleet Management

Keeping your drivers, vehicles, cargo and other motorists safe is a core responsibility of any fleet manager. That’s why enacting a safety programme not only fosters safety, but it also has the potential to reduce your operating costs, allowing for that capital to be invested elsewhere.

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