Become one step closer to winning the US DOT's Smart City Challenge

"Our Department’s partnership with Mobileye significantly strengthens this Challenge, devoting additional resources to the winning city so it can further develop its own unique vision of what a fully integrated, forward-looking transportation network looks like."

Anthony Foxx U.S. Transportation Secretary

Discover why 10 million vehicles are already equipped with Mobileye Technology.

Mobileye’s Shield +TM driver assistance safety technology includes V2I and V2P in a single unit.

  • V2I (Vehicle-to-Infrastructure) – Whenever a dangerous scenario or near collision is detected between the large vehicle and a vulnerable road user, Shield+ maps the exact geolocation, time, and type of alert.
  • V2P (Vehicle-to-Pedestrian) – When Shield+ detects a dangerous situation or near collision with a VRU, internally, it delivers directional warnings to the operator and an optional external warning to the VRU, enabling both parties to mitigate a dangerous collision.