Making the world safer with Israel’s
collision avoidance car technology

When you buy Mobileye’s collision
avoidance system for 2,100 NIS
you will receive a 1,500 NIS
discount on your car license renewal fees.*

Mobileye PRO 630 system features:

Check your eligibility and get in touch
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Check your parking app
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The eligibility check is based on Ministry of Transportation information only and is determined by the Ministry alone.
1,500 NIS discount on the car license renewal fee is subject to Ministry of Transportation Procedure 151. Car license discount might be eligible to receive over three years: 700 NIS in the 1st year,
700 NIS in the 2nd year, 100 NIS in the 3rd year. Pedestrians and cyclist detection and collision warning is active only in daylight. Copyright © 2019, Mobileye. All rights reserved.