The Journey from Safety to Data Begins With a Single Camera

The Journey from Safety to Data Begins With a Single Camera

For more than 20 years Mobileye has been a leader in camera-based ADAS technology. Discover how the same technology fusing computer vision and AI is now being used to collect roadside asset and mobility data.

For more than 20 years, Mobileye has been producing camera-based advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that have helped protect drivers from collisions. Our technology can be found on over 60 million vehicles and has been adopted by 27 leading vehicle manufacturers. This technology works by using a camera to scan the road ahead. These images are then processed by AI algorithms which identify potential hazards, either warning or assisting drivers in time to avoid a collision.

Mobileye is also a leader in the field of autonomous vehicles (AVs). Among other prerequisites for autonomous driving, are highly accurate, high definition maps. In order to create these maps, Mobileye’s proprietary, award-winning REM™ technology harvests the information collected by the cameras and AI in Mobileye-equipped vehicles. The information is then compressed it into small packets and sent to the Mobileye cloud. In the cloud the observations are aggregated, clustered, aligned and localized, resulting in high-definition maps, which are accurate down to centimeters.

Mobileye Data Services was born out of the realization that our mapping technology could be used for far more than safety and AVs. The information we are able to collect is of critical importance to cities, departments of transportation, road operators, utilities and others. While scanning for road hazards, our AI technology can also be used to identify, locate and classify roadside assets and mobility information. This means that vehicles equipped with our technology are also able to identify pavement cracks, potholes, worn road striping, traffic signs, manhole locations and much more. In addition, we can locate construction zones, heavily trafficked areas, locations where there are frequent collision “near-misses” and other valuable mobility information. Moreover, by leveraging our REM technology, we are able to turn this information into GIS-layers used to create updatable, accurate maps.

By melding these technologies, Mobileye is revolutionizing the way organizations collect data and manage their assets. Managers no longer have to wait for annual, biennial or even less frequent surveys for, what might be, time sensitive information.

Some examples of where this data can save money and improve quality of life:

  • Ability to run large-scale inventories in a quick, efficient, cost-effective manner
  • Rapid location of road cracks and potholes allows for early repairs, preventing further damage
  • Early detection of striping wear allows crews to maintain road marking visibility at a high level, without wasting time repainting areas that don’t actually need it
  • Utilities can maintain accurate asset maps without sending out specialized crews
  • Locating areas of collision near-misses allows authorities to take preventative action before a crash occurs

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