What sets Mobileye apart?

As an all­-in­-one Advanced Driver Assistance System to offer multiple alerts on a single platform, including forward collision, lane departure, and headway monitoring, Mobileye leads the way in streamlining and improving fleet safety measures.

Try Mobileye today to see for yourself the difference real­time warnings and bottom­-line­-conscious technologies can make.

Implementing Mobileye into your fleet is the easiest management decision you’ll ever make.

  • Mobileye meets NHTSA’s guidelines for Forward Collision and Lane Departure Warnings*
  • Mobileye is a highly advanced all­-in-­one collision avoidance system that gives drivers ample warning to take corrective action in real time.
  • Mobileye can discern texture for visual readings, differentiating between signs, pedestrians, vehicles, and more, rather than just identifying solid objects.
  • Mobileye is dedicated, undistracted, always alert, and never fatigued.
  • Mobileye is affordable and cost­-effective. ROI is typically 12 months or less with very little driver training necessary.
  • One­-time installation.
  • No ongoing subscription fees.
  • By producing better drivers with safer driving habits, Mobileye helps reduce collisions, subsequent insurance premiums, and fines for non­compliance — all of which improve CSA scores.

*Based on an independent evaluation by the Transportation Research Center

Additional Benefits

While Mobileye’s primary aim is safety, positive byproducts of fewer collisions and safer driving habits can be greater fuel efficiency, fewer repairs/new parts, and potential emission reductions.


Two vehicles collide, cause a traffic jam, and leave many vehicles idling and emitting exhaust fumes. Ambulances and police vehicles arrive, creating more emissions. Both accident vehicles have damaged parts that require replacement.

Multiply this scenario by the 10+ million annual collisions estimated by the US Department of Commerce, and the far­-reaching effects of automotive collisions become clear.

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This video shows how Mobileye protects your fleet drivers with its advanced all-in-one collision avoidance system. Watch on Youtube

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