Experience the savings safety brings.

First and foremost, Mobileye is designed with driver safety in mind. That being said, we’re well aware that vehicle operation is consistently one of the costliest expenditures for businesses deploying a fleet.

Not only is Mobileye financially attainable, but it’s also a sound financial investment that can help reduce fleet costs in as little as 12 months.

  • One­-time installation.
  • No ongoing subscription fees.
  • Affordable and cost­-effective – ROI is typically 12 months or less.
  • Very little required driver training means there is minimal implementation time or loss of operational hours.
  • Integrates with most fleet management and telematics systems on the market.
  • Produces better drivers with safer driving habits, helping reduce collisions, subsequent insurance premiums, and fines for non­compliance.
  • Reducing collisions saves money on yearly repairs or new vehicle purchases (e.g. CR England has achieved a 37% reduction in crash costs per mile traveled).
  • Safer driving habits, such as a reduction in sudden braking, can also contribute to a reduction of up to 15% in fuel consumption, which offers major savings.
  • The US Department of Transportation estimates that reduced collisions due to the deployment of collision avoidance technology on commercial trucks could result in $3.1 billion in total economic benefits. Why not see your share of the savings?
  • Mobileye accommodates low­-payment financing options, allowing you to implement this life­saving technology today even if you don’t think your budget can cover the entire cost upfront. Give us a call and we’ll make it work.

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