Bus, Transit & Municipal

Collision avoidance protection for any size vehicle.

Limited visibility, greater turning radii, and larger vehicles make it difficult for drivers to identify every possible collision.

With Mobileye, the challenges of operating and maneuvering long vehicles begin to fade away. Whether your drivers are on the highway, in urban environments, or somewhere in between, both the original Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance System and Shield+ offer increased awareness and vital seconds to react with real­time alerts.

For Drivers:
Provides an intuitive experience

For Fleet Managers:
Provides a seamless telematics integration


The original system is mounted inside the vehicle’s cab, with a toll­tag-sized sensor on the windshield and an EyeWatch® display on the dash. The Mobileye Shield+ system expands upon the same technology and setup of the original system, utilizing up to four individual sensors for improved blind spot detection in urban environments.

Equip Your Fleet Today

The Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance System is available for buses and other large vehicles, empowering drivers to avoid and mitigate potential collisions with the most vulnerable and difficult to see road users.

The two­-level warning system and minimal false alerts achieved by Mobileye assure the highest level of driver attention whenever an alert is delivered. Both the original Mobileye Advanced Driver Assistance System and Shield+ offer all of the same alerts and features.

Mobileye Alert: Forward Collision Monitoring

Forward Collision Warning

Alerts when a collision is imminent with a car, truck, or motorcycle ahead of your fleet vehicle.
Mobileye Alert: Pedestrian and Cyclist Collision Warning

Pedestrian & Cyclist Collision Warning

Alerts when a collision is imminent with a pedestrian or cyclist within the vehicle's front danger zones.
Mobileye Alert: Lane Departure Warning

Lane Departure Warning

Alerts when a lane deviation occurs without proper signal notification.
Mobileye Alert: Headway Monitoring

Headway Monitoring & Warning

Alerts when the following distance from the vehicle ahead becomes unsafe.
Mobileye Alert: Speed Limit Indicator

Speed Limit Indicator

Recognizes speed limit signs and alerts when the vehicle exceeds the posted limit.
Mobileye Alert: Intelligent High Beam Control

Intelligent High Beam Control

Automatically turns on/off the high beams depending on the level of light and relative distance from other traffic.
Mobileye Alert: Turn Signal

Turn Signal Reminder

Alerts the driver if one or both blinkers remain active for an extended period of time.
Mobileye Alert: Visibility

Low Visibility Indicator

Notifies the driver during low visibility conditions. The system will continue to work, however, its ability to detect may be limited.