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We are creating new paradigms in safety today and the autonomous, smart car solutions of tomorrow.

For over 15 years, we’ve carefully engineered our vison-based technology to move beyond the average camera system. Our cutting-edge technology consistently sets the pace in the industry. Our aftermarket solution is compliant with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Lane Departure and Forward Collision Warning standards. Our solution gives fleet managers peace of mind with features such as:

  • Highly intelligent vision sensors that continuously scan the road for other vehicles, pedestrians, motorcycles, speed limit signs, lane markers and more
  • Continuously monitoring a variety of objects on the road to give drivers only alerts that matter
  • Integration with fleet management, telematics and third-party systems
  • Smart alerts that promote new levels of driver awareness

Mobileye’s intelligent vision sensing system is capable of identifying a diverse and extensive variety of potential dangers on the road. It’s like having an a third eye continuously focused on the road – Mobileye measures the relative distance and speeds of various objects, calculating collision risks in real time. Our system even detects lane markings and speed limit signs. When collision danger is imminent, you can trust Mobileye to visually and audibly warn your drivers in time to make necessary corrections to avoid potential collisions or lessen the damage.

While you can’t always be in the vehicle with your drivers, you can rest assured they will be grateful you chose Mobileye to keep them safe on the road. It is a real collision avoidance solution for real world driving situations.