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Eliminate blind spots for a safer commute.

Mobileye Shield + is the most advanced collision avoidance system available on the market for your fleet of lorries, buses or commercial vehicles. This revolutionary collision avoidance system helps drivers keep an eye on vulnerable road users like cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists that are tough to see in the blind spots of large vehicles traveling on busy city streets. It can be retrofitted to any vehicle type to help fleet managers meet the goals of the Vision Zero Initiative.

Designed specifically for large vehicles, Mobileye Shield + uses up to four strategically placed intelligent vision sensors on the exterior of the vehicle, including the rear, and interior display modules to alert drivers – visually and audibly – if a motorcyclist, pedestrian or bicyclist is in the driver’s blind spot.

The comprehensive collision avoidance system offers the following lifesaving features:

Mobileye Shield + alerts drivers if a collision is imminent. Unlike other collision avoidance systems, our smart solution uses award-winning image recognition software to reduce unnecessary warnings, which can desensitise drivers over time.

Mobileye Shield + can be integrated with most telematics systems to track vehicle use and report all warnings made by the Mobileye System to a fleet management system, providing you with valuable information about your driver’s daily driving behaviour. You may not be on the road with your drivers, but you’ll have all the data you need to ensure their safety.