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4,500 For-Hire Vehicles in NYC Now Come Equipped with Mobileye

Mobileye’s long-game is focused on autonomous driving, but some of the tech that feeds into that can have an impact now, including advanced collision avoidance systems. The company announced on Friday that it has completed the installation of accident prevention tech across 4,500 for-hire vehicles used by drivers for services including Uber and Lyft in New York City, as part of a partnership with transportation insurance provider Atlas Financial Holdings.

London Mayor Hails Israeli App That Makes Roads Safer

London Mayor Boris Johnson, in Israel as part of a trade and business delegation, praised the innovations made by the Israeli company Mobileye to help improve road safety in the UK’s biggest and most congested city. “It’s fantastic to see that cutting edge technology, such as Cycle Safety Shield developed by Mobileye in Israel, is being utilized to help make London’s roads safer,” said Johnson.