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New Whitepaper: 50 Driver Safety Tips and Tricks When Onboarding New Drivers

Every single accident in a fleet is costly. In case of a collision, there are costs for repairing the damage, as well as numerous additional costs such as increased insurance premiums, sick pay, and lost productivity, just to name a few. A study done by an independent German traffic safety association found that the average cost of accidents after insurance is estimated to be  £1,416 for passenger cars and £2,488 for trucks.

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Distracted Walking – a New Challenge to Pedestrian Safety

More than once per day, a pedestrian is killed by a motor vehicle in Great Britain. In reality, it doesn’t happen as precisely as that. The once-per-day mark is an average tabulated from a total of 446 pedestrian deaths in 2014, the most recent full year of data. But no matter how the number is viewed, it represents a 12 percent increase in pedestrian fatalities as compared with 2013, according to a recent report by the Department for Transport.

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The ROI of Fleet Safety

Keeping your drivers, vehicles, cargo and other motorists safe is a core responsibility of any fleet manager. That’s why enacting a safety programme not only fosters safety, but it also has the potential to reduce your operating costs, allowing for that capital to be invested elsewhere.

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