Developing autonomous vehicles to operate in a bubble, with only other autonomous vehicles to contend with, would be challenging enough. But for the foreseeable future at least, AVs will have to share the road with human drivers. So in order to develop the safety concept behind our future autonomous vehicle system, we first had to understand how human drivers drive. And in the process, we found that the same principles that can serve AVs, could better inform our Advanced Driver Assistance Systems today - to support human drivers. 

Erez Dagan, Executive Vice President for Products and Strategy at Mobileye and a Vice President at our parent Intel Corporation, spoke about this development in his keynote address at the SAE World Congress (full video below). He also summarized the concepts in a recent editorial, which you can read in the Intel Newsroom.  

“What started with the AV’s duty to comprehend the human road safety system evolved into an undeniable opportunity to dramatically improve it,” writes Dagan. “With a safety model that is fully measurable, interpretable and enforceable, we wondered: Why wait for AVs to experience the life-saving benefits of this new reality? Let’s find a way to allow human drivers to benefit from RSS – the digital version of the social contract.” 

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