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How do Safety Programs Help Retain Drivers?

Amid a driver shortage, Mobileye collision avoidance system can help fleet managers retain employees by offering safety and performance-based rewards.

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The 5 Biggest Headaches Fleet Managers Face: A guide to relief from your biggest fleet management headaches
Fleet Management

Juggling schedules, managing drivers, maintaining vehicles, pleasing customers… the to-do’s for a fleet manager seem endless. With over a decade of experience in the field, working with fleets, Mobileye understands these challenges – which of them are mere annoyances and which are truly monstrous headaches.

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Going Visual: Dash Cams and Collision Avoidance Systems – Is Video Recording Enough?

While dash cams can record a collision and help prove fault, collision avoidance systems are designed to prevent these collisions from happening in the first place. So, which is more beneficial?

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Improving the Bottom Line with Collision Avoidance Systems

The initial costs of a collision avoidance system may put some off, but this paper examines how quickly this initial investment can pay for itself in lower collision costs, less fuel consumption and other savings.

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