Safer & Smarter ADAS

Enhanced ADAS and actionable data

Safety First

Mobileye 8 Connect takes road safety technology further with enhanced ADAS features, connectivity, and actionable data insights

Actionable Data

With our new management platform you will receive driver and vehicle insights

Smart ADAS

Early detection and system adaptation based on driver behaviour, environmental changes, and crowdsourced data

Reduce Collisions Day and Night with Real-time Alerts

  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW),
    including Urban Forward Collision

    Alerts of imminent rear-end collision with a vehicle ahead.

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  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

    Alerts if the vehicle leaves the driving lane without use of the turn signal.

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  • Vulnerable Road User Warning (VRU)

    Alerts of imminent collision with a pedestrian or cyclist ahead.

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  • Headway Monitoring & Warning (HMW)

    Alerts when the distance to the vehicle ahead becomes unsafe.

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  • Speed Limit Indication (SLI)

    Notifies of the new speed limit and if the driver exceeds it.

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Retrofit to Any Fleet Vehicle

There is no need to buy a new vehicle with ADAS features or wait for the mass-arrival of autonomous vehicles.
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The camera unit containing the camera, EyeQ® chip, and speaker, mounted on the inside of the windshield behind the rearview mirror. The EyeWatch™ display for visual alerts, mounted in the bottom corner of the windshield.

New Safety Capabilities

Powered by our latest processor, EyeQ®4, and an improved camera, Mobileye 8 Connect offers state-of-the-art collision avoidance technology

  • Night DetectionIncluding pedestrians & cyclists
  • 3D Vehicle
  • Hazardous Object

Connected Safety

Smart ADAS features on Mobileye 8 Connect allow the system to adjust the alerts configuration based on:

  • Driver Behaviour
    and Alert Data
  • Environmental Changes(such as weather and road conditions)
  • Crowdsourced

Software Updates

Mobileye 8 Connect systems regularly receive over-the-air software updates that add new safety features and improve its existing functionality. Mobileye-equipped vehicles will receive these updates automatically via the provided network.

Actionable Data for Fleet Management