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Mobileye Customer Profile: Adelie Food

By Mobileye07.08.2018Distracted Driving

Safer Journeys for 12 million sanwiches

One of the UK’s largest food distributors is using Mobileye’s safety technology to make journeys safer for its drivers and other road users.

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New Whitepaper: 50 Driver Safety Tips and Tricks When Onboarding New Drivers

By Mobileye20.11.2016Distracted Driving

Every single accident in a fleet is costly. In case of a collision, there are costs for repairing the damage, as well as numerous additional costs such as increased insurance premiums, sick pay, and lost productivity, just to name a few. A study done by an independent German traffic safety association found that the average cost of accidents after insurance is estimated to be  £1,416 for passenger cars and £2,488 for trucks.

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