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Camera Type

Micron MT9V022/MT9V023

ApplicationsSupports all of Mobileye applications
Suitable for Use With

Connection Type
Cable Length Limit


Proprietary LVDS

Camera Specifications
Suggested lens FOV over VGA


Imager Type


No. of Pixels


Image area (mm²)


Pixel size (µm)


Video out

10bit digital

Frame Rate (fps)


Dynamic Range

60db linear, 100db, non-linear

Oper. Temp

-45 + 85º C

Mobileye Digital CMOS Camera (Aptina-Micron MT9V022/MT9V023  Camera Module)


Double-buffered global shutter photodiode pixels
Simultaneous integration and readout
Enhanced Near-IR performance (NIR QE >35%)
Progressive or interlaced readout modes
Linear or high dynamic range pixel response
>99% global shutter efficiency
Register lock capability
User-Programmable window size within frame
2 x 2 and 4 x 4 pixel averaging of the full resolution
ADC On-Chip (10-bit linear or 12-bit to 10-bit companding mode)
Auto exposure control (AEC) , Auto gain control (AGC), Black level calibration (BLC)
User-Programmable regional gain and exposure weighting (25 regions)
Support for 4 unique serial control register IDs to control multiple imagers on the same bus
Master/Slave dual sensor operation for stereoscopic, foveal, or hyperspectral operation
On-Chip digital thermometer
Data output formats:
– Single sensor mode:10-bit parallel/stand-alone or 8 or 10-bit serial LVDS
– Dual sensor mode: Interspersed 8-bit serial LVDS


Optical format 1/3-inch
Active imager size 4.51mm(H) x 2.88mm(V) 5.35mm Diagonal
Active pixels 752H x 480V
Pixel size 6.0µm x 6.0µm
Color filter array Monochrome or color RGB Bayer pattern
Shutter type Double-Buffered global shutter TrueSNAP™
Maximum data rate 26.6 Mp/s
Master clock 26.6 MHz
Full resolution 752 x 480
Frame rate 60 fps (at full resolution)
ADC resolution 10-bit
Responsivity 4.8 V/lux-sec (550nm)
Dynamic range >55dB linear; >80dB–100dB in HiDy Mode
Supply voltage 3.3V +0.3V (all supplies)
Power consumption <320mW at maximum data rate; 100µW standby current
Operating temperature –40°C to +85°C
Packaging 52-ball IBGA, automotive qualified; wafer or die

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