Mobileye Headway Monitoring and Warning (HMW)

Traffic authorities worldwide have recognized how important keeping sufficient headway is to preventing collisions on the road. In fact, many countries have made safe headway keeping law.

Mobileye’s AWS and C2 products all have Headway Monitoring and Warning (HMW) as a core feature. It is also integrated into ongoing joint development projects with major auto manufacturers.

HMW has been in production since 2007 as part of Mobileye’s Advance Warning System (AWS) and is currently part of Mobileye’s OEM series developments for launch from 2011 onward.

Headway is defined as the time it will take to reach the current position of a vehicle driving ahead, and is calculated by dividing the distance to the vehicle ahead with the travel speed of the host vehicle.

The Headway Monitoring Warning system is based on Mobileye’s series level Vision-only Vehicle Detection system, which operates in all light and weather conditions,  and recognizes the preceding vehicles in the host vehicle’s lane and adjacent lanes and provides accurate range estimation for the targets. Mobileye’s threat assessment identifies the Closest In Path Vehicle (CIPV) and from it s range and current speed the headway estimation in Seconds is derived. The HMW feature level notifies the driver of the current headway and provides a warning should a preset threshold be passed.

As with all Mobileye features, HMW works in all weather and light conditions.


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