Surround View Systems

A newly developing ADAS market is that of Surround Vision or Top View systems.  These generally consist of 6 wide field of view (FoV) cameras located around the vehicle – 1 per side of the vehicle, 1 in the vehicle grille and 1 rear mounted camera. Each camera typically has a FoV of around 180 degrees with fisheye/distortion correction and use NTSC color imagers for high quality image display in vehicle.

The typical set of functions for Surround Systems is that of low speed maneuvering assistant. In other words the systems provide a central display with a bird’s eye view of the vehicle and its immediate surrounding and assist the driver with parking maneuvers.

Due to Mobileye’s unique EyeQ3 processor and functional capabilities, as well as retaining the traditional Mobileye windshield mounted camera functions, OEMs are now conceiving systems using the EyeQ3 and Mobileye algorithms as the central ‘hub’ processor embedded in the Surround View system. The EyeQ3 is capable of performing the Mobileye forward looking windshield mounted functions set, whilst using inputs from the rear camera as described in the section ‘Rear Camera’, and once in low speed situations, such as parking, then performing the Surround View processing as well as reversing Pedestrian and General Object Detection. The front mounted grille camera may also be used for additional functions in development such as Stereo Assist or Cross Traffic Detection.

This unique set of capabilities will lead to the EyeQ3 being the processor of choice for Surround View implementation at the OEM from 2014 on-wards.

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