Rear Camera Applications

Building on the core developments implemented to date, Mobileye is now in Advanced Development for adding intelligent Driver Assistant Functions for rear cameras.

In the USA from 2014 the implementation of rear cameras (predominantly NTSC) will begin to become more widespread due to upcoming  federal legislation. By adding Intelligence to such cameras, Mobileye will be uniquely positioned to perform a variety of reversing functions such as Pedestrian Detection and General Object detection. Such implementations will permit the OEM to introduce systems to help reduce the 6,000 or so reversing accidents involving children that currently take place each year in the USA alone.

In addition, the rear camera can be used whilst the host vehicle  is in  use moving forwards , by detecting impending rear-end collisions and using the collision track, based on Mobileye’s Time To Collision (TTC)  calculation, to provide input to additional safety systems, such as rear hazard warning light activation, pre-charging of brake systems, and pre-tensioning of seat-belts or active anti-whiplash head restraints.

Mobileye anticipates that rear camera implementation will become more widespread with the introduction of the EyeQ3 processor, which can be used as the central processor in multi-camera systems, meaning that rear camera functionality can simply be added to the bundle of features already running in a Forward Windshield mounted  ADAS camera.

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