Mobileye Lane Keeping and Support (LKaS) & Lane Guide (LG)

In Lane Keeping Support (LKaS) and Lane Guide  the lane detection information is fused to the steering system to provide a light Haptic feedback (torque input) to the steering wheel and to warn the driver of the situation. In LKAS the steering  system will provide torque overlay in cases where the host vehicle approaches the lane marker without the turn signal having been activated, both alerting the driver from a lane departure , and directing the vehicle to stay in the lane, with a silent warning.

Lane Guide differs in so much that the system is set to ‘guide’ the host vehicle down the center of lane and as such represents a route to ‘hands free’ driving. In today’s systems the driver still needs to maintain a contact to the steering wheel, which keep the car in the center of the lane regardless of its geometry.

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