Lane Detection

The lane detection algorithm (LDA) detects the driving lane boundaries and estimates the geometry of the lane in the 3D world coordinates relative to the vehicle. The LDA supports various applications: (1) Lane departure warning – issue a warning when the vehicle is veering off the lane unintentionally, i.e. without signaling. (2) Lane keeping assist – when the vehicle is veering off the lane unintentionally, apply a steering torque to prevent the vehicle from exiting the lane. (3) Lane centering – continuously control the steering wheel to keep the vehicle in the lane center. This application is a crucial component in autonomous driving systems. Additionally, LDA provides a backbone for supporting many other Mobileye functions, such as Vehicle Detection, in which case it assists in correctly estimating the vehicle position in the lanes ahead.

The LDA detects lane boundaries of various types: painted lane marks, Bott’s dots (found in the US), road edges, and concrete barriers. In the future, the LDA will detect guardrails and curbs as well. The LDA detects single, double and triple lane markings (found in Asia). Additionally, it detects white, yellow, and blue lane markings (found in South Korea). In construction areas, where there are multiple overlaid markings, the system chooses the pair of yellow lane markings, if they exist, and if they do not exist, becomes unavailable.

Provided that lane markings are visible and that their detection is not hindered by the presence of clutter, shadows, rain, snow or any other disturbance on the road, the LDA recognizes the majority of lane markings worldwide, in over 99% of the cases (as tested by vehicle makers in series programs). The LDA has been validated successfully and incorporated into production with many OEMs. It has been extensively tested in series production programs in Europe, North America, South Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and has been validated globally on multiple continents and in a wide catalog of scenarios, including bright sunlight and inclement weather.


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