Mobileye Binary Headlamp Contol (FLA/AHBC/AHC/IHC)

Binary Intelligent Headlight Control (IHC) represents the most basic of the Intelligent Headlamp Control strategies and can be applied to any vehicle as part of a series program. Mobileye also offers this as an add-on to its C2-270 aftermarket system.

IHC assists the driver with the correct use of high-beam and switches automatically between low and high beam to avoid dazzling other road users. In short it replicates the function usually implemented manually by the driver when encountering preceding or oncoming traffic, or when entering built-up areas.

Ongoing developments

Mobileye is continuing its research in advanced headlamp control and is currently engaged in many new activities. Mobileye’s technology can provide the distance and orientation to preceding and oncoming vehicles and this data can be used by the system integrator for Advanced Front Lighting control strategies.


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